What is MultiUp.io ?

MultiUp.io is a multiupload website, that is: you upload a file on our server, this one is uploaded automatically, on several hosting-file websites. In the end you obtain a link of the shape : https://multiup.io/download/NUMBERS/FILE_NAME, where will be available your links to download your file on various hosting-file websites.

How does it work ?

Your computer Your tablet Your mobile Your server

Our servers

KatFile.com KatFile.com DooDrive.com DooDrive.com Send.cm Send.cm Chomikuj.pl Chomikuj.pl RapidGator.net RapidGator.net Qiwi.gg Qiwi.gg FileMoon.sx FileMoon.sx MegaUp.net MegaUp.net Media.cm Media.cm FileFactory.com FileFactory.com Turbobit.net Turbobit.net Download.gg Download.gg Onedrive.live.com Onedrive.live.com UsersCloud.com UsersCloud.com Dropbox.com Dropbox.com UppIt.com UppIt.com PixelDrain.com PixelDrain.com Filer.net Filer.net DarkiBox.com DarkiBox.com WorkUpload.com WorkUpload.com GoFile.io GoFile.io Drop.download Drop.download ClicknUpload.click ClicknUpload.click 4Shared.com 4Shared.com Fikper.com Fikper.com OneUpload.to OneUpload.to NitroFlare.com NitroFlare.com Ddownload.com Ddownload.com MixDrop.ag MixDrop.ag UploadBoy.com UploadBoy.com 1fichier.com 1fichier.com HexLoad.com HexLoad.com BuzzHeavier.com BuzzHeavier.com MediaFire.com MediaFire.com Transfert.Free.fr Transfert.Free.fr IndiShare.org IndiShare.org Mega.nz Mega.nz StreamTape.com StreamTape.com Drive.Google.com Drive.Google.com Files.fm Files.fm

Why use MultiUp.io ?

Simply to share your files with others. Instead of sending your file to multiple people and lose your bandwidth and time you give a link where they can download the file. In the end you will save time because you will upload the file only once. Your files will also have a greater life, as they will be hosted on several file-hosting websites. If you upload your file on a file-hosting website, it does not necessarily agree with the person who downloads your file. In fact the person may have a premium account with another file-hosting website.

Is there a fee ?

No, absolutely not. All which is here is free. This service is supplied to you in the state and its use is completely free. This service is self-financed by advertisements.

How to help us ?

What misses us most, it is the money. Indeed the infrastructure costs expensive. Advertisements allow in parts to pay the servers. But it is often insufficient, you can help us by sending us a donation. What will allow us to invest in new servers, and to increase the features of MultiUp.io.

What are the origins of MultiUp.io ?

MultiUp.io, following a request from a uploader, this service was created in November 2008 by Blueman with the help of Redman for testing and ideas.

Who hides behind MultiUp.io ?

Blueman : for the coding, of the site, the engine of upload as well as the design.
Redman : for advice, new ideas as well as of very numerous tests.

How to contact us

It is very simple, a form is at your disposal ar the following address : https://multiup.io/en/contact.
Our goal is to satisfy every uploader, which is why we are open to criticism and suggestions for improvements.

Do you have difficulties to navigate ?

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